Lifeproof Case for iPhone


The most advanced protection technology possible to bring you this — for the iPhone.

Thinner, lighter, stronger and more protective than any case keeps your iPhone waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and drop proof, so you can live LifeProof.


LifeProof’s original touchscreen protection is still the best. Like an ultra-flat, optically clear force field, frē safeguards iPhone’s touchscreen while allowing full access and total functionality.

Anyone can wrap a phone in padded plastic and call it protected. Lifeproof considers the iPhone’s every feature, think about the action, adventures and accidents you face daily, and design a case that fits your phone and your world.

Four Proofs

LifeProof was the first to build four-proof protection into an iPhone case. And, it goes into every case we make, because if your iPhone is waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and drop proof — you can use it everyday, everywhere for everything.

Designed to meet or exceed these specifications:

Military Standard 810F-516 — MIL STD 810F is the standard that addresses a broad range of environmental conditions, with MIL STD 810F-516 being the section of the standard that is specific to functional drop.

This standard requires that the item can physically and functionally withstand the relatively infrequent, non-repetitive shocks encountered in handling, transportation, and service environments. This may include an assessment of the overall material system integrity for safety purposes in any one or all of the handling, transportation, and service environments.

IP-68 — IEL 60529 is the standard for Ingress Protection from water and dust for enclosures. IP-68 is the most rigorous classification in this specification.

The first characteristic number describes protection from solid foreign objects. An enclosure with a characteristic number of 6 can withstand exposure to circulating talcum powder for 8 hours with no dust ingress after that period.

The second characteristic number describes protection against water. An enclosure with a characteristic number of 8 exceeds all other water protection levels and is specified by the manufacturer. For LifeProof, number 8 signifies LifeProof cases will withstand immersion in water to a depth of 6.6 feet / 2 meters for 1 hour.
Key Features
  • Built-in scratch protector protects touchscreen
  • LifeProof’s original and proven case technology
  • The most comprehensive device protection available
  • Completely waterproof, drop proof, dirt proof and snow proof

This item is a final sale item. This is a reconditioned/refurbished item. This item may have very slight cosmetic wear, but is otherwise in near new cosmetic condition. There are no returns permitted for any reason. This item has been reconditioned/refurbished but has not been water tested. This item will come without retail packaging or instructions. The original manufacturer's serial number has been removed. This item is not eligible for manufacturer technical support and is not covered by any manufacturer's warranty. We are not an authorized dealer of Lifeproof products. 


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Four-proof protection. Sleek profile. Virtually invisible scratch defense. Optical-glass lens. Enhanced speaker port. Full function. Complete access. Which is more important? We couldn't decide either — so we added them all.

for possibilities

Live beyond limits. Live LifeProof.

Inspired by and built for your active lifestyle, Lifeproof for iPhone is built to handle the action, adventures and accidents that come your way each and every day. With Lifeproof, you and your iPhone are ready for everything.